Rotary Friendship Exchange (RFE) is an international reciprocal exchange program for Rotarians, Rotarian Partners and Friends of Rotary that gives participants an opportunity to take turns hosting one another in their homes and clubs. You experience other cultures and see the scope of Rotary in other countries. 
Three teams consisting of 30 Rotarians, partners and friends from D5550 experienced the Outbound portion of an RFE this January and March. The  Districts which we visited were D3040 in India and D9780 and D9800 in Australia.  It is our turn to host the Inbound teams from D3040 and D9780 in D5550 this summer (the D9800 team has been rescheduled for 2020). Hence we need D5550 Rotarians, partners and friends to host our visitors. 

What can you do?  

  • Get in touch with the CONTACT person listed beside each Host Club

  • Offer to Home Host for 3-4 nights.
  • Offer to drive our guests to planned activities or transfer them to the next Club.
  • Attend a planned activity or Club Event.
  • If you are in another Club close by, ask if you can participate or help


I have been able to make further plans towards two Exchanges in 2020.  The one to D4670 Southern Brazil is mostly confirmed.    We will go there for 2 weeks around the date of May 16, 2020 which will be the one day to attend their District Conference.  They likely want us to do our presentation there.  The return is planned for 2 weeks, somewhere between Aug. 15 – Sept 4, 2020.      Applications for this Exchange will be put out in late April with a 1 month window to apply. The notice and application will be sent out via Clubrunner and can be accessed on the District 5550 Website.
The other RFE is with D1200 in SE England.  I don’t have firm dates as yet but they suggested they come here first, for 2 weeks starting near June 12, 2020 and we could return to them in August/September.  Of course this could be reversed.   Applications will be put out later in the summer.
For more Information on the Rotary Friendship program or to discuss offering help, contact:
D5550 RFE Chair:                               
Dave Bennet – RC Neepawa                
204-476-5686 (home)                                  204-841-8370 (cell)