The history of Rotary in Canada is documented on a website which is devoted to the history of Rotary. The website adds to the knowledge of what Canada did for Rotary.
Rotary first became international with the charter of the Rotary Club of Winnipeg on April 13, 1912.

Canada also contributed to the spread of Rotary around the world as result of the work of James Wheeler Davidson from the Rotary Club of Calgary and James Layton Ralston from the Rotary Club of Halifax.

The Rotary History website also recognizes the 100 Rotary Clubs that were formed from 1905 to 1914 which set the stage for the growth of Rotary around the world - today enjoyed by Rotarians in nearly 30,000 clubs. The first 100 included seven (7) Canadian Clubs.

The Rotary History website is the result of the dedication and hard work of Rotarians who belong to the Rotary Global History Fellowship. The website is run by Rotarians but not by Rotary itself.

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