Submitted by Mel Wyshynski

Over the last number of years, the Dauphin Rotary Club has continually remained involved in 3 community projects as distinct from fundraising projects. They are:
  1. Delivering Meals on Wheels to the city of Dauphin during 5 weeks of the year. At these times Rotarians gather up the meals from the hospital cafeteria and deliver them to individuals throughout the city.
  2. “Door Monitoring” services at 6 Dauphin Kings hockey games. This involves 5 Rotarians/game who are responsible for monitoring exit door traffic as per MLCC requirements. This supports the local hockey team in that the team does not have to pay for these services.
  3. Outdoor skating trail maintenance. A small group of Rotarians maintain a section of skating trail on the Vermillion River during the annual outdoor skating season.
In addition to the above ongoing projects club members remain actively involved in “one of” projects that have a way of coming to the surface on a regular basis. This can include but is not limited to, such activities as additional help at Countryfest, special requests for assistance at the annual street fair and assistance at another organization’s fundraiser.
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Submitted by Jean Oliver

Over the past number of years, the Selkirk Rotary Club has had many large projects as well as contributions to various smaller initiatives in the community.

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