DiCon 2019 - 5550, “Inspired by the family of Rotary” is now in the history book. It was a great success. Two-hundred and five registered. The four plenary speeches all left dynamic messages.
The conference made a profit and the organizers were able to make a $500.00 donation to each of the plenary speaker’s charity of choice in lieu of a personal speaker’s fee.
One note of sadness, however, shortly after the conference, Plenary Speaker Donald J Evans, while holidaying in Peru, died. 
A special thanks goes out to the Winnipeg-Charleswood team , chaired by Jim Forestell, who put it together.
The video that follows is a 32 minute overview of the entire conference.



To view and listen to a full version of any of the four plenary sessions visit DICON ‘INSPIRED BY THE FAMILY OF ROTARY’ PLENARY SESSIONS INSPIRING.