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  1. Local Signature Project 1 - 2010-2019 major funding to the Children's Rehabilitation Foundation for youth-related programs in Notre Dame, Winnipeg Centre.
  2. Local Signature Project 2- 2014-2017 major funding for the Mood Disorders Youth programs.
  3. Local youth- 1980-2018- Clint Fogg Christmas party and gifts for Flora House in north Winnipeg.
  4. Local youth - Welcome Day Camp & BBQ for refugee children in Kildonan Park 
  5. Local Youth 2017- Rossbrook House Pop-up BBQ for children and neighbourhood in Central Park
  6. Local Youth 2013 - Akousa Bonsa - In 2013, Akousa was selected from a national competition to represent Manitoba on an international trade and development mission to Asia, hosted by Global Vision and the Junior Team Canada program
  7. Youth - St. James Collegiate Institute (SJCI)
    • THE BROOKLANDS LITERACY PROJECT (Breakfast) - The BLP focus on two visits to Brooklands school.  The first visit takes place in December, and involves SJCI students (many of whom are former Brooklands students), reading to the elementary students.  The second visit takes place in the spring.  During this visit, SJCI students cook breakfast for the Brooklands students and deliver books as gifts for all in attendance.   
    • CULTURAL CHAOS - This event provides students with the opportunity to learn about the diversity of cultures in our school, and to share their own cultures.  Students prepare displays containing information about their cultures and countries of origin, play traditional cultural music, and prepare foods from their home countries for others to taste.  Last year we had 16 Countries/Cultures represented. 
    • BREADFAST CLUB - Once a week students distribute bread products from around the world.  Many of the students who participate are enthusiastic about sharing foods from their home countries!  The Breadfast Club provides our students with breakfast, which unfortunately some students do not regularly have access to, and promotes diversity and respect. 
    • MUNA, subject to student interest and availability.
  8. Youth Exchange students 2018-2019 Tannis to Brazil, returning June 2019. Inbound student, Merit, from Germany, returning July 2019. We have funded 14 Police records checks for club members who did not already have these.
  9. Youth Exchange students 2019-2020, Hunter, to Belgium leaving summer 2019, inbound not yet known.
  10. Youth - Adventures in Human Rights - sponsored 4 Canadian students to attend this great program in Winnipeg, 2014-2018
  11. Local - 2018 - Paul Harris Fellowships awarded to two distinguished Manitoba women, to honour Christine Schollenberg, Executive Director of the Children's Rehabilitation Foundation and Diane Redsky, Executive Director of the Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata (Ma Mawi) Centre.
  12. Canadian - Honouring Indigenous Peoples HIP - 2019 - Became a "HIP -ALLY" joining over 700 Canadian Rotary clubs, commencing the reconciliation process with our indigenous peoples.
  13. International - 2009-2019 - Interclub Agreement with Manzanillo Rotary Club for the support of the Casa Hogar Loa Angelitos orphanage English education and various expressive art programs.  Through the West Winnipeg Charitable Trust, Canadian donors can submit donations to W.West and receive a CRA tax deduction. Since 2009, over $600,000 CDN has been donated to the orphanage from Rotary clubs including W.West, Canmore, District grant, and private donors across Canada.
  14. International - 2018 -19 - Established a second Interclub Agreement with the Rotary Club of Chapala Sunrise in Ajijic on Lake Chapala Mexico, for a water and sanitation project at Village of Ojo de Agua in Jalisco, Mexico, a community of 300 without water or sanitation. Canadians may donate via the West Winnipeg Charitable Trust also. 
  15. International - 2013-2018 - Partnered with The Mondetta Charitable foundation, and Rotary clubs from Whitby and Mississauga to fund a water collection project for a high school in Kampala, Uganda.
  16. International - 2016-2018 - Shelter Box purchases for hurricane disaster relief and recovery.
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Over the last number of years, the Dauphin Rotary Club has continually remained involved in 3 community projects as distinct from fundraising projects. They are:

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