We hear about the Foundation regularly, but November is dedicated to the Rotary Foundation. One could go on and on about how the Foundation works and give all kinds of facts about how large it has grown since its humble beginnings. Similarly one could talk about how we can increase our project strength through grants from the Foundation. Indeed, one can talk at length about the need for regular contributions to the annual fund, major gifts and Polio Plus.
But what would Rotary be without the Foundation? Take away our fight against polio and we have a world still fighting a crippling and often deadly disease. Take away the scholarships and the world suffers without the leadership of scholars who trained on Rotary scholarships. Take away the work we have done with schools and orphanages, hospitals and clinics around the world and indeed disease will have its way. Take away the clean water and sanitation we have given many parts of the developing world and they will remain in poverty. Take away the micro finance to entrepreneurs in the third world and poverty deepens.
These are only a few of things we have done with the help of our Foundation and when you look at what a difference it has made in these few areas, to so many people, we have done well. Our Foundation, along with the strength of our commitment to the six areas of focus, is the backbone of our service.
Please remember the many great things we have done and the greater tasks we could do when you are asked to make the Foundation your charity of choice and please be generous.