District 5550 is hosting a Million Dollar Dinner in support of Our Rotary Foundation on May 14, 2016
What is a Million Dollar Dinner?
A Million Dollar Dinner is a celebration event designed to recognize all Major Donors and Bequest Society Members whose outright gifts or commitments are $10,000 or greater. This can include members of the Paul Harris Society 10 year commitment. These gifts/commitments will be included if they are made between 1 July 2015 and 14 May 2016. Our goal is to show that D5550 is committed to our Rotary Foundation by raising a minimum $1 Million USD in that time period.

If others can do it, so can we!

District 5440

District 7010

District 7820
Zone 33
When and Where will the Million Dollar Dinner be held?
All of those who make a pledge of $10,000 or more are invited to a celebration dinner. A world known Rotary Leader has been invited to be the keynote speaker. It will be held on the 14 May 2016 in Gimli, Manitoba.
Watch this site for more information as it becomes available.