What can your club do to recognize the ongoing search for peace – in your club and community?
Go online to the Peace Days website where you will find the agenda for Peace Days 2015.    http://www.peacedays.ca/
In every community there is someone who is interested in sharing the Ideals of Peace.  Invite that person to come to your meeting between September 14th through 21st  to present a program to your club!
Perhaps you too could make your first event a “Music For Peace Concert.  Reach out to groups who are already serving the community, perhaps a local food bank, mission, community club, other service clubs or church organizations. And don’t forget to involve the schools and cultural and ethnic groups.
You know your community, both its needs and the resources; use the latter to support the former.
You may be the start of something great in your club! Every great initiative starts small; persevere and it grows!