Greece migrant crisis  
As Greece buckles under its own economic pressures, it is also under stress from a growing external pressure. Every day boatloads of migrants and refugees fleeing conflict in Syria and Afghanistan arrive on islands such as Lesbos
The first ShelterBox Response Team arrived on Lesbos Island to assess the needs and talk to local officials about how it can help. A second team will oversee the distribution of 100 tents across the islands, with 70 of these allocated to Lesbos. Here they will be allocated to create a new site, and to ease pressures on the existing camps. 
ShelterBox has long been active in Iraq. 
The UN estimates the number of people displaced by the so-called Islamic State in Iraq has now exceeded 3 million. ShelterBox keeps prepositioned stock in Iraq, and continues working to provide shelter for Iraq’s internally displaced persons in the Kurdistan region. But this is a harsh climate, with daytime temperatures currently of 50 degrees or more, and a punishing winter to follow.  
A ShelterBox team will be heading back to Iraq shortly to provide further assistance for desperate families to help make them as comfortable as possible as another harsh winter approaches.
Current ShelterBox deployments include: Cameroon, Greece,
Iraq, Myanmar, Nepal, and Niger.
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