Rotary Youth Exchange Students raise funds for ShelterBox Canada

This past April the Rotary Youth Exchange students in District 5360 raised over $27,000 for ShelterBox Canada! The students held an international dinner with local community members and Rotarians to ensure that no family is left without shelter after a disaster.
The group was made up of both inbound and outbound students who came together with their Rotary Clubs to tackle such an impressive fundraising goal. Each student was awarded a ShelterBox Youth Exchange Challenge pin and certificate to thank them for their amazing fundraising efforts. Everyone at ShelterBox Canada would like to extend a huge thank you to all those who helped make this event a success!
If your Rotary District is interested in learning more information about the ShelterBox Canada Youth Exchange challenge please get in touch at

Deployment Update: Sri Lanka

In May, Sri Lanka experienced a cyclone that caused major torrential rain fall and landslides that buried whole villages in meters of mud.
“The landslides came so fast. All we could hear for about an hour was rocks crashing. Sometimes it was as loud as an atomic bomb.”
Our ShelterBox team is in Sri Lanka and is working with the military and the local Rotary network to establish camps for people who have been displaced from the landslides and flooding. ShelterBox aims to support over 300 households with ShelterBoxes and other needed aid items.

From ShelterBox Canada to Rotary: Thank you

Everyone at ShelterBox would like to extend a big thank you to all of the Rotary Clubs, Rotary Districts and individual Rotarians across Canada who have supported our efforts in the 2015-2016 year.
So far this year, Rotary Clubs have donated over $425,000 to support families who have lost everything after a disaster. On behalf of the ShelterBox team and those we serve, thank you.
ShelterBox Canada – 159 Jane St Office 2, Toronto, ON M6S 3Y8