Help brighten lives this holiday season
Light is such a joyful part of our holiday celebrations in Canada, but for families left with no shelter, light will be far more than a festive decoration. Light will be a lifesaver. That’s why, in every ShelterBox this winter, we urgently need to pack a LuminAID. This solar lantern is easy to carry, waterproof and inflates in just seconds. It is a brilliantly clever way to conquer the dark when all other power is dead. 
This season, your club can help support our holiday campaign to give light as well as shelter and other supplies to desperate families in need. ShelterBox is currently working in six countries, and is preparing winterized kits for the cold weather ahead.
ShelterBox Global Gifts  
If you are looking for gift ideas for your loved ones, ShelterBox has the perfect gift options.
Through Global Gifts, you can sponsor life-saving aid items such as mosquito nets, water filters or blankets for families in need. Whether for a teacher, family member, friend or colleague, ShelterBox Global Gifts are an easy way to give something that is both unique and meaningful. Best of all, ShelterBox Global Gifts give twice – positively impacting both your special recipient and providing hope to a family who have lost everything after a disaster. With gifts starting at $25 – ShelterBox Canada has the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Please visit:
ShelterBox Canada Donation Options
​ShelterBox is constantly learning from our beneficiaries so that we can ensure that we are providing the best aid possible for those in need. Because of the diverse range of disasters ShelterBox responds to, we have diversified our aid to provide the best options in all cases. ShelterBox now has 4 new tent options, and can provide ShelterKits which allow families to repair their homes or construct locally appropriate shelter out of local materials. ShelterBox can also deploy SchoolBoxes which provide a classroom in a box for 50 children. While the ShelterBox is still the heart of what we do, our diversified aid ensures we are being as effective as possible and providing families with exactly what they need.
As a result of the updated aid options we have introduced the ShelterBox Aid Fund. Supporting the ShelterBox Aid Fund instead of specifically sponsoring a ShelterBox allows us to have the flexibility to provide the aid that is most needed whether that be a ShelterBox or one of our other options, thus avoiding clogging up the incredibly overstretched logistics chain with unnecessary aid. This option also ensures that we are spending donations as efficiently as possible.
We encourage Clubs to consider supporting the ShelterBox Aid fund. While box tracking numbers will not be provided, fundraising pages are available to continue tracking how much each club has raised.
ShelterBox Canada – 159 Jane St Office 2, Toronto, ON M6S 3Y8