by Stephanie Christensen, Executive Director, ShelterBox Canada
Volunteers Make the World a Better Place
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead
ShelterBox Canada remains successful due in large part to our network of volunteers across the country. Over 100 volunteer Ambassadors, many of whom are Rotarians, from coast to coast represent ShelterBox in their communities.
Are you looking for a way to merge your passions for ShelterBox and Rotary? There are many opportunities for Rotarians to get involved with ShelterBox Canada! We are always looking for new Ambassadors to join our team. Ambassadors are the face of ShelterBox across the country and they regularly give presentations and hold fundraisers in their communities.
We also offer a volunteer position specifically made for Rotarians. Join ShelterBox Canada as a Rotary Club Champion. Champions aim to deliver increased awareness about ShelterBox within their Rotary Club. Be the main point-of-contact in your club with the ShelterBox National Office and local Ambassadors and volunteers.
If you are interested in joining our volunteer team or would like an Ambassador to make a presentation to your Rotary Club, please email Tess Widdifield at  
2015 Rotary Impact
ShelterBox Canada had a very successful year in 2015! We responded to disasters all over the world from flooding in Malawi to the Nepal earthquakes.
 None of our work would have been possible without the amazing support of Rotary Clubs and Rotarians across the country. Together, Rotary Clubs raised over $680,000 for ShelterBox Canada and helped hundreds of families who have lost everything after a disaster.
Thank you.