Canadians across the country are helping families who have lost everything after a disaster. Everyone from our donors, ShelterBox Canada Volunteers and Response Team Members (SRT's) are helping make a difference. 
Canadian SRT Jessica Kim in Nepal
Jessica Kim (Toronto, ON) had been working in Nepal for the past month distributing SchoolBoxes, containing classroom materials, to orphanages in the Kathmandu Valley.
Each box includes supplies for teachers such as blackboard paint and chalk, along with activity packs for children containing materials such as notebooks and pencils. These packs not only help children to continue their studies, but to play and express themselves. Jessica helped deliver materials for 450 children.
Canadian SRT Claire Noseworthy in Malawi 
Claire Noseworthy (Kenora, ON) worked with various other SRT's and volunteers to distribute aid in Malawi after extreme rainfall and flooding.
"Margrot Kalimanjika (shown here) a 69 year old grandmother came into the classroom in Matandwe with a tear in her left eye. She was so thankful we were giving her a Shelterbox and she would be able to move back home with her 3 grandchildren and her son." 

Owen Trand, Sam Arling and SRT Andre Bloemink fundraise in Fernie

In lieu of birthday presents, Owen and Sam raised $342 for ShelterBox.  Andre raised over $26,000 in Fernie alone.
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Thanks to your generosity, over 1.4 million dollars was donated to ShelterBox Canada in the last year to help families who have lost everything.
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