Cyclone Pam causes devastation in Vanuatu

On March 14 Cyclone Pam hit the south Pacific archipelago of Vanuatu with devastating consequences. Vanuatu, one of the world’s poorest nations, is made up of a sprawling cluster of more than 80 islands, which are situated about 1,600 kilometers east of northern Australia.
The cyclone brought winds in excess of 270 km/hr. causing widespread damage. Initial reports claim 9 in 10 homes were severely damaged and many of the island’s 260,000 residents were left homeless. Many of the country's services, including schools, hospitals and power are in disarray and thousands were seeking shelter in temporary evacuation centers. There were also grave concerns for the more remote communities.
ShelterBox agreed to work with fellow aid organization CARE International to immediately distribute 1,000 ShelterBox shelter kits to people affected by the cyclone. The kits, which are designed to Red Cross specifications, can be used to repair and waterproof damaged buildings as well as to make emergency shelters. 
The kits were dispatched from prepositioned stocks at Subang Airport, near Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Once on the ground the ShelterBox response team, made up of volunteers Peter Pearce (AUS) and Ross MacKenzie (NZ), were making preparations for ShelterBox aid distribution. 

Having prepositioned aid means that we are better prepared for disasters and can reach the people who need it as soon as possible.


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ShelterBox is also currently responding to disasters in nine other countries. Donations will be designated to the area of greatest need. 
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