ShelterBox Canada has launched the Young ShelterBox School Program which provides an opportunity for Rotary Clubs to partner with local elementary schools to introduce them to ShelterBox. The Young ShelterBox program provides teachers and schools with teaching resources that will engage and inspire children to learn about the world we live in and how they can help those in need.


The Young ShelterBox School program can be used as the teaching platform for many subjects: social studies, geography, science and more!

Every year, millions of children and families around the world are left homeless when disaster strikes. The Young ShelterBox School Program empowers students to make a true difference in the lives of children and families that have been left homeless due to disaster.

Contact a local ShelterBox Ambassador or phone ShelterBox Canada toll free at 1-855-875-4661 for  assistance in arranging a school presentation and demonstration of the ShelterBox. You can also CLICK HERE for more information.