The recent Council on Legislation changes allows clubs to create alternate membership types. Although Rotary International has only two types of membership - “Active” and “Honorary - clubs are free to have other types of membership, but only “Active” members are included in the official count of club members.
Family Membership consists of any family member (e.g. Spouse, Partner, Adult aged Child).  Family members are all active members and have all the same rights, privileges and obligations as other members. Obligations include:
  1. RI dues and District dues: Payable for each member
  2. Annual club dues as determined by the club (with a significant reduction for all family members after the initial family member)
  3. Meal/beverage costs as determined by the club.
The Rotary Club of Summerland has a “Spousal Membership” where a spouse (or partner) can become an eligible member of the Rotary club by having a spouse or partner who is already a club member and who has been a member for at least one year. The Spouse pays club dues, but not District or RI dues as the Spousal Member is not an official member for RI purposes.
The cost for corporate membership, as determined by the club, is typically higher than the individual membership because the Rotary club agrees to include the corporate name as a sponsor of their club.  The actual membership fees would be determined by the club. 
An example - the Rotary Club of Harrisburg meets at noon and lunch is included with their dues. The average member spends about $1000 per year for dues and contributions.  Corporate members pay $5000 per year.  These corporations have advertising in all club publications and newsletters.
Corporations designate two employees to become active in the club with all of the normal requirements and responsibilities of club membership.  The corporate CEO or his/her designee may attend any of the clubs meetings at any time without charge but have no responsibilities of membership.  In this example, RI would consider each corporate membership to count as two members.
RC of Seattle has a Young Rotary Leaders membership program for those 35 and under who demonstrate leadership in their profession and meet all the qualifications of Rotary membership. Young Rotary Leaders pay reduced fees for their first five years of membership. 

RC of Central Ocean has an introductory membership. New members can join at the rate of $99 for the first six months and $199 for the second. After the first year of membership, they pay the standard rate ($399 every six months).
The goal of a trial membership is to give both the individual and the club an opportunity to get to know each other over a defined period, allowing an individual to become familiar with the club, its members, its programs and projects, and the expectations of membership, which should improve retention. The trial member should have a mentor, attend a new member orientation and obtain a sponsor.  The trial member is responsible for meal costs but does not pay dues until inducted after the trial period ends.  The trial member has no voting privileges nor can this member hold office.  This membership level is not considered to be an “Active” by Rotary International.
Emeritus Status may be awarded to those Rotarians who were long term exemplary members of the Club and who, for various reasons, can no longer actively participate in regular meetings/events. This status is to be considered an honour for service and gives the recipient a continuation of belonging to the Club.
 The name of a candidate for Emeritus status is proposed to the club’s Board of Directors in writing, and the Board shall determine the election. This status remains in effect until revoked by the Board. Emeritus members do not vote, cannot propose new members to the club, may not hold office and are exempt from attendance requirements. The Emeritus Member is a member of the club but not a member of Rotary and does not pay dues.
RC of Wiarton’s example
The club has an application form that is submitted to the membership committee.  If approved there, it is sent to the executive who also decides if this person should be approved for membership as a Friend of Rotary.  A Friend of Rotary term is two years.
Friends receive a weekly bulletin to keep them informed of upcoming speakers or upcoming fundraisers of interest. However, they don’t receive all the information that full members get.
When Friends of Rotary are formally welcomed into the club, they are given a name badge that acknowledges their association with the club but whose colours are reversed to distinguish Friends of Rotary from members. 
Each successful Friend pays $50.00 for membership to help defray the administrative costs.  If the Friend becomes a full member in the same Rotary year, that amount is prorated and deducted from regular membership costs. 
RC of Central Ocean has a “friendship membership”. It is designed for members who are interested in helping the club and taking part in projects, but who cannot commit to meetings. Friendship members pay $249 every six months. The club’s regular membership fee is $399 every six months.
For more information explore this Slide presentation from the Breakout Session at the Toronto 2018 Convention.
DG Elaine has discovered the following additional membership categories:
Introductory Active Membership for Young Professionals
Senior Active 
Past Service Member
Watch for further updates.

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