Each year, throughout the World, Rotarians are engaged in sponsoring and hosting International Camps.
In 2018, sixty-one camps are aimed at young adults. Of the 61 camps, 54 were in European countries; three were in North America, 2 in South America and one each in Asia and Africa.
Of the three in North America, the USA, Mexico and Canada each host one. And where in Canada does the sole International Camp take place? Yes indeed, it is District 5550. And where do we hide this little gem of a program? In Sioux Lookout of course.
Our District has a lot of space to hide a club or program in and the Sioux is a perfect place to host a two week, 200-kilometre canoe expedition. Organised by the Rotary Club of Sioux Lookout under the experienced eye of Past-President Susan Barclay, with a committee of three others, the twenty-seventh consecutive expedition was held.
In 2018, participants came from 12 countries Denmark, France, Taiwan, Mexico, Wales, Netherlands, Switzerland, Brazil, Czech Republic, England, Norway and Hungary. Ten were women, and 6 were men. Four leaders accompanied them, two of which had Rotary experience.
Each year equipment is replenished. District grants help to replace sleeping bags, thermarests, and waterproof packs. Next year tents, paddles and lifejackets will be needed. Two new aluminium canoes are also on order.
When asked how he enjoyed the experience Alex Prescot, from England, jokingly said, “It wasn’t all fun and easy, but it was definitely an authentic Canadian experience. I have more than enough bug bites to prove it,”.
Each year after the trip is finished the group shares a buffet dinner where each participant prepares a dish symbolic of their culture. For example this year they had fondue from Switzerland, deer and bear meat from Canada, cottage pie from England, crepes from France, braised pork and rice from Taiwan, and Norwegian grot.
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