As you might know, the Rotary Club of Winnipeg has organized the Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) almost continuously since the first MUNA was held in April,1957. Now we are preparing for MUNA 2021 which will take place from April 30th to May 1st, 2021. Many Rotary Clubs in your District have participated in MUNA over the years and we would like to welcome delegations from your local high school sponsored by your Club. We need your assistance in helping to develop tomorrow's leaders.
This year’s program will be a departure from previous years because of the COVID pandemic we are facing. This year’s event will be a “virtual assembly”, which may mean even more opportunities for participants from other parts of the country. The benefits to the young people who engage with MUNA this year have not changed. Through the MUNA program, young people get an opportunity to learn about the workings of the United Nations in a realistic simulation of its operation. Students get to discuss resolutions on topics ranging from world peace and security, to social and environmental issues. There are opportunities for them to share their ideas and practice their communication skills. They learn to listen, to challenge ideas with which they disagree and share their own solutions for some of the world most pressing issues. The skills practiced and developed at MUNA are a great asset whatever the career pursued.
Participation in MUNA is open to students in Grades 9 - 12. Delegations each comprise two students accompanied by a counsellor. These delegations are normally sponsored by local Rotary Clubs. However, high schools may apply directly for participation subject to the payment of required fees. Participants come from schools in Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, North Dakota, and Minnesota.
Your Club is invited and encouraged to participate in MUNA by sponsoring one or more delegations to MUNA 2020. Please contact high schools in your area and assign counsellors from your membership if there are none available at the schools.
Detailed information and applications for MUNA 2021 will be posted in November on our Website at: Enquiries may be sent to or Applications may be submitted online any time up to April 1st, 2021, but we ask you to apply early to avoid disappointment. Space is limited.
We look forward to welcoming your sponsored delegations at the 2021 Winnipeg Model United Nations Assembly.