A report on Summer Success Camps submitted by Christine Boyczuk and International Service Committee Activity submitted by Whitlow Wyatt
Moose Jaw Wakamow – Summer Reading Camp Supported
submitted by Christine Boyczuk
The Rotary Club of Moose Jaw Wakamow partners with Moose Jaw Literacy Network, Prairie South School Division and Holy Trinity School Division to implement a program called Summer Success Camps for children who are two or more grade levels behind their peers in reading.
The Club raises funds through various projects and provides money and volunteer time for the summer reading camps.  The District matched the funds provided by our club. Camps are held during the summer months when many disadvantaged children lose ground in literacy development because of the lack of stimulating activity during those months. Teachers and teacher assistants are hired to work with students to maintain or improve their reading scores.
A camp consists of breakfast, reading and writing, literacy games and crafts, lunch, field trips and a parent component. The parent component is used to continue the child’s progress when the camp is over.
Children are tested before entry in June and after the camp in September. Last summer 4 children maintained their reading score and 36 improved their score by 1 to 5 levels. The evaluations from children, teachers and parents were very positive.  We will expand the program in the summer of 2019.
Among the novel ways used to raise funds for literacy, our club conducts an adult, fun spelling bee. Organizations contribute $200 to enter the “Bee” and tickets are sold at the door. It is a very humorous evening for all involved.

Moose Jaw Wakamow – International Service Committee Activity
submitted by Whitlow Wyatt
The Rotary Club of Moose Jaw Wakamow’s International Service Committee, composed of six members, is very active.  Our budget permits us to do the following:
  • Make an annual donation of $500 to Polio Plus
  • Host an International exchange student for 10 months. In 2017-18 the student was from Belgium.
  • Host a “Global Service above Self Awards Night” where we honour local citizens who have either gone abroad to make the world a better place through a humanitarian endeavour or have made Moose Jaws’ refugees transition to a new country easier and more comfortable by fostering cross-cultural awareness.  The 2019 awards will be presented on April 8th.
  • Embraced District 5550’s Ripple Effect program by contributing annually to the students in Chuchuka School – Guatemala, their families and the surrounding community. 
  • Under the leadership of Glenn Hagel. we are the lead club for a Global Grant, now under consideration, with a value in excess of $250,000 to upgrade washroom facilities in over twenty schools in Guatemala including Chuchuka school.  
  • Marian Kettlewell is the National Chair of the Ripple Effect Scholarship Program.  She is active is soliciting donations to help sponsor Guatemalan students in receiving at first their grade 6 level education and then going on to get their grade 12 credentials. 
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Submitted by Pat Chernesky

Editor’s Note: Pat has spent the bulk of this project describing the Fundraising event. As a long time runner of road racing, this is the nuttiest “Fun Run” I have ever heard about.

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