Posted by Elaine Thompson on Nov 01, 2018
Members are engaged. Everyone has a job of some kind and helps out at fundraisers. The club has been described as being healthy, active and positive and as one whose advice is being sought by other clubs. Members like to socialise and enjoy working and playing together. The club has a well attended social every month.

Their business meeting is held on the last Monday of the month. Other meetings may consist of a speaker, a tour, or an event. There are no fines - only Happy Dollars which occur at the end of each meeting.
Important local programs of the Wakamow club are:
  • A summer literacy program, where students’ reading typically rises by two levels or more between June and September.
  • Scholarships are provided to students in middle school and high schools courtesy of Glen and Marilyn Hagel.
  • Literacy bags are provided, with the Club’s stamp on the books.
  • A crew maintains the paths and outdoor fitness stations along the Rotary Trail and Rotary River Park in the Wakamow Valley.
Internationally, the club:
  • Supports “Ripple Effect” programs to improve schools in Guatemala,
  • Has a WASH Global grant to provide new washrooms, with clean, hygienic and safe wash stations (as well as menstrual education for girls) in 20 schools and
  • Manages another global grant for 19 schools.
Although the club is thankful for its district grant, it is frustrated with RI’s handling of Global Grants.