An “Early Act” Club was chartered in Nipawin Saskatchewan’s Central Park Elementary School on March 14th 2016, This is the first such club in District 5550. 
Although not an official program of Rotary International, several successful Early Act clubs have been chartered elsewhere. Early Act clubs are for elementary students aged 5-13. They, like Interact High School clubs are sponsored by a local Rotary club in which the school is located. In this case The Rotary Club of Nipawin.
The mission and operation of an Early Act Club is closely linked to the ideals of Rotary and provides a foundation and natural succession into Interact!
Early Act provides young students the opportunity for gaining increased awareness and knowledge of their community and the world. The children are encouraged to be caring, respectful, and open to recognizing the dignity and worth of others.
Early Act engages students in character building activities and prepares them for leadership roles to identify and carry out projects which benefit their school, local community and the world.  It teaches caring, tolerance and doing good will.

35 students of Nipawin’s Central Park Elementary School who are members of the new Early Act club
on the left Principal Shelly Pierlot and right Pat Chernesky, Rotary advisor. (Review Photo/Devan C. Tasa)
The Central Park Early Act Club consists of 35 enthusiastic Grade 3 students. They have been working with their equally enthusiastic and committed Principal Shelly Pierlot since January, to establish the Club.
“It is thrilling to have them beginning this journey of leadership and doing service above self at this very young age,” says Pat Chernesky who serves as the club’s Rotary advisor.
A club executive has been formed consisting of Co-Presidents and a secretary; the teacher handles finances. They will meet twice a month. Pat, as Rotarian advisor, will attend meetings as often as possible. From time to time students will attend Rotary club meetings to inform them of their activities!   Rotarians will invite them to assist with some of our fundraisers, and also help them on theirs.