Dave Bennet, D5550’s RFE chair, has reported that there will be two RFE teams going to Australia.
  • One team of 12 Rotarians (6 from Manitoba, four from Saskatchewan and two from NW Ontario) will be travelling to Australia’s Rotary District 9780 from March 7 – March 21, 2019. Inbound Australians are coming to D5550 at a time during August-September 2019.
  • Another team of 12 (6 from Manitoba and six from Saskatchewan) going to Australia’s D9800 from March 17- March 31, 2019, with the Australians tentatively visiting D5550 August 7-21, 2019.
Meanwhile, the Rotary Club of Pakuranga, District 9920 in Auckland, New Zealand has recently concluded running another Unique Coach Tour of New Zealand specifically designed for Australian, Canadian and American Rotarians. The 18 Day Rotary Tour runs from March 29 - April 15th. More details appear in this PDF, including price. The contact information for Rotarian Peter Hawkins, the tour coordinator: 
Cell – 64 2 1758478; Home - 64 9 5769423 and Email - peter.hawkins@xtra.co.nz
Also, a third RFE team of ten D5550 Rotarians (6 from Saskatchewan, one from Manitoba and three from NW Ontario) will be visiting India’s District 3040 from January 21 – Feb 2, 2019, with the Rotarians from India visiting our District June 29 to July 11th.