What a theme for a month we associate with Christmas, Hanukah and many other religious and cultural celebrations. This is a time when we usually look at sharing our good fortune with others, not to mention sharing all that good cheer.
But Disease? We do not have to look far beyond our celebrations to see the need in our own communities and beyond. Often we are bombarded with television commercials showing the need for help during the festive season. For those of us in Rotary it is a time to reflect on our good fortune and as clubs, look to how we can gift the world with better health.
So many of our projects relate directly or indirectly to health: water and sanitation, providing proper cooking facilities, funding equipment for clinics, providing educational materials on nutrition, reducing poverty, and the list goes on. There are many projects looking to improve health and prevent disease on the Rotary Showcase. You may wish to consider one of these projects when your club looks for its next project.