District 5550 Rotarians have travelled down under for fellowship with Rotarians from District 9780 and District 9800. District 9800 Rotary members will be hosted in Canada August 6 to 21st this summer and Rotary members from District 9780 will be in Canada August 15 to 29th. Rotary members from across District 5550 will have the opportunity to share their work and fellowship with Rotarians from down under.

Team A-Australia – Outbound to D9780 Australia March 7-21, 2019 

(L to R)  Front Row:  Verna Hryhorchuk (RC Winnipeg Downtown), Carol Pelton (RC Winnipeg West) 

Middle Row: Carol Twyver, Lawrence Durante (RC Sioux Lookout), Don Schmall (RC Neepawa), Les Mewis (RC Prince Albert) Back Row:    Bob Twyver (RC Prince Albert), Lori Durante, Susan Schmall, Jackie Mewis 

Team B-Australia – Outbound to D9800 Australia March 17-31, 2019 

(L to R as Couples)    Frank & Nancy Cosway (RC Winnipeg Downtown), Donna & Murray Newton (RC Neepawa), Joyce & Wayne Claggett (RC Melfort), Lynn & Duane Chipley (RC Estevan), Eileen & Chris Clinton (RC Prince Albert)