Greetings to Students 

Are you interested in knowing more about Youth Exchange? Watch the video and see the links on this page (What is Rotary Youth Exchange?). Review the information and contact your local Rotary Club (or someone on the District Youth Exchange Committee). We look forward to hearing from you!!

Greetings to Rotary Clubs in District 5550

Please notify us of prospective students for 2023-2024 and arrange a club interview; assuming that you wish to sponsor the student. The YE Committee will arrange a district interview and begin to enter data on the Youth Exchange Administration Hub (YEAH) site. It is possible that students may apply online first, and if so, we will refer them back to the appropriate club to set up the contact /interview process.

We understand that finding enough host families is often a concern for clubs. Given the postponement of the program in 2022-2023, there is an opportunity to direct club resources to the recruitment and training of host families. Please contact us for additional information.

We hope that clubs in the District participate in YE in the future. Our committee is happy to arrange a presentation for one of your upcoming Club meetings. As well, watch for special online presentations periodically and especially during Youth Month in May. 

For any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us anytime.

Mike Mahon - YE Co-Chair Inbound Students

Leanne Kessler - YE Co-Chair Outbound Students - 
Upcoming Webinar!!
Join Rotary Youth Exchange and Youth Protection staff on 2 March, 2023 for the webinar “Supporting Youth on Exchange” to discuss solutions and strategies and share what is working in your district!