District Administration
This site page provides online access to the District 5550 Policies and Procedures as well as information on Insurance Coverage for Rotary Clubs in District 5550. Also included are links to RI Policies and Procedures.

District Manual of Policy and Procedure
The District Manual of Policy and Procedure is available to all on this page of the website. From time to time the Manual will be updated to reflect changes based on the directions and decisions of the District.

District Officers, members of the District Council, District Committee Chairs and individual Clubs of the District may propose amendments. These should be submitted in writing twenty-eight (28) days in advance of any scheduled District Council meeting to the District Secretary with copies to the District Governor and the Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee.

District Archives

Arrangements were made by the District to transfer all district and club archive records to Saskatchewan Archives. The archive records will be stored together ensuring easy access to researchers in the future.