Posted by Elaine Thompson on Nov 01, 2018
The Thompson Rotary Club is in “survival mode”. Although the club has 26 members, the typical meeting Thursday at noon attendance is 8 to 12 members. The club has talked about changing their meeting or even folding, but before doing so, decided that November 2018 will be a make or break month.
For November, the club has divided its members into five groups and challenged each group to see how many new members they can recruit to bring new blood and enthusiasm into the club. However, a past president and a long-time Rotarian (since 1983) cautioned that people are creatures of habit and that the club will suffer if changes occur.
A current hands-on project is to design and construct a pergola at the suspension bridge in the Rotary Park leading to Pisew Falls.
Fundraising activities include organising the musical ride for the RCMP and a Million Dollar Hole-in-One event.
The club supports a school breakfast program, Rotary Youth Exchange program, scholarships and Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA).