This year for the first year since the 1950's Saskatoon Rotary put a float in the city’s Santa Claus Parade.  The year’s theme was “Candy Canes and Christmas Carols”. 
“We created a candy cane factory with the ShelterBox mini as our factory;” reported Rotarian Karen Jones, one of the organizers. “There were ‘blank’ canes going into the back and coming out the front and going into the box of the truck were huge colourful candy canes,” she added.
The clubs did this on a shoe string budget. Each of the five Saskatoon clubs was asked for a minimum of $50 up to $100.  Due to the rules of participation in the parade Rotary was not able to ask for money from the crowd however, they did get some excellent PR with their extremely bright shirts.
Many people asked about polio especially as they had a chance to keep warm before the parade at the local farmers market.  Saskatoon Rotary received runner up in the association category. Jones conclusion, “We all thought this was great since this was our first time doing anything of this sort.”