Today’s static membership growth is driving Rotary to innovate and create new types of clubs and new forms of membership.
Over the past decade the Traditional weekly club meeting, over a meal has changed in frequency, rituals, structure and purpose.  In some clubs, singing, toasts, prayers, speakers and Sargent-at-arms activities have discontinued.
During this time the traditional club format has taken on new forms and yet remains traditional. However, non-traditional formats such as e-clubs, satellites and Passport clubs have emerged. Lurking on the horizon, such technological advanced systems as video-conferencing and live-streaming present new opportunities to create new forms of clubs and improve recruitment.
This month’s newsletter has articles which deal with new forms of clubs and membership and new initiatives afoot within our District.
But first I would like you to view this address by General Secretary, John Hewko who places these changes into the broader context of innovation and change.
The first article provides examples of clubs from around the world which PDG Ed and I have visited over the past few years. The innovation follows in articles on the changes in the types of Rotary Clubs and changes in the types of Membership.
Many of these changes are very controversial among Rotarians. Please take a moment to share your comments below.
DG Elaine 2018-2019
District 5550.  
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