Posted by Elaine Thompson on Nov 01, 2018
Members describe their club culture as “clubby” in the best sense of the word – they like each other and enjoy getting together. However, their numbers are dwindling as members “age out”. Only 6 or fewer members are still working; the rest are retired.
The membership committee realises that the club culture needs to change and that change involves risk. While youths will work for peace, older members think “the world is all going to hell!”
Nevertheless, the club has 28 members who:
  • hold a three-day Carol Festival during the Christmas season,
  • plant trees with schools to create an urban forest,
  • hold a pool tournament at Dooly’s as a fundraiser to support breast cancer research,
  • help out with the local “meals on wheels” program and
  • the Salvation Army’s Christmas kettle program.
The club’s primary goal is to help the community with donations to Hunger Moose Jaw, Riverside Mission, a school lunch program and the local food bank.
In cooperation with the Wakamow Rotary Club and the Optimists, the Moose Jaw club is involved in an event called “Raise the Wroof Dog Show”,  a fun fundraiser and family event which has taken place over the last few years but this year had to be cancelled due to inclement weather. Fun awards occur for dog characteristics such as “waggiest tail”  and “the friendliest face”.