March 2017 Newsletter

Government of Canada 

For the benefit of Canadian Clubs and Canadian Rotarians the Advocacy Group in Canada is lobbying hard for a new commitment from the Canadian Government to polio. The ask is for $150 million and we are told that an answer would not be forthcoming until after federal budget.....which was this week. The Canadian Government has previous contributed $580 Million to the campaign.

There are two things you can do to help.

  • If you know an elected Member of Parliament please speak with him/her supporting the request and (if necessary) sharing the story. Let me know if you need any information for this purpose.
  • There is a Petition on the Government of Canada website (supported by Canadian leadership) to allow the Rotarians/public to show support for the request. You have a previous email on this but just in case here is the link. 


Polio Giving and the Presidential Citation

One of the qualifiers for John Germ's Presidential Citation is for a club (including members) to give at least $2650 to polio.........which of course will be matched by the Gates Foundation.

As we enter Q4 of the Rotary Year why not remind those clubs who have not met this goal about this important aspect of the Citation? My survey on Rotary Club Central today indicates only 56 clubs (less than 20%) in the seven districts have done so, ranging from 3 to 11 clubs per district. 

Giving by District at March 24, 2017

Congratulations to D5060 as they moved up a couple of spots in the per capita rankings. Great work with a DDF contribution to the Polio Campaign.

We are particularly excited that 5 of the 7 districts have already made a DDF contribution to the Polio campaign.

District     Direct Giving   DDF     Per Capita

5360         $176,447                           $91.57

5370         $150,821        $35,000        $84.81

5040           $68,549        $10,000        $53.65

5010           $48,818        $31,726        $45.15

5060           $93,779        $20,000        $41.98

5550           $30,219        $20,000        $34.59

5050           $80,322                            $31.31


Country Updates

In the past months there have been three new cases, one in Afghanistan and two in Pakistan. Nigeria has been quiet since the four cases in mid 2016. 

From 25 to 28 March, synchronised polio campaigns will take place across 13 counties in west and central Africa including Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Guinea, Mali and Niger. Over 190 000 vaccinators will immunize more than 116 million children over the course of the campaigns.


Total Cases

YTD 2017YTD 2016Total 2016
Other0 0  03 4



Plaque Recognition at RI - DDF Donations to Polio

As many of you may know, Districts that contribute 20% of their annual DDF to Polio beginning in 2013-2014 will be recognized on a plaque that will be displayed at Rotary Headquarters. A recent decision of the Trustees will allow 20% make-up contributions (transfers) to Polio Plus for the Campaign.  Districts will have the opportunity to make back payments of their DDF going back to the 2013-14 Rotary year.  These payments can be made in two ways:
1.      One full time payment in 2016-17
2.      Half payment in 2016-17 and half payment in 2017-18
District Governors, Governors-elect are in the process of being notified.  They will be provided a figure necessary to meet the make-up criteria.