Dryden Rotary & Friends Bring Education to the World’s Poorest Children
3rd Annual Christmas Matching Opportunity
It all starts with Amarok mothers
One in three children growing up today is unable to read and write a single sentence.  Most of these extremely poor children are living in dangerous urban slums.
Reaching these girls and boys is not as simple as sitting them down in front of a desk: first we must stabilize the slum they wake up in each morning. 
Only then can we overcome the obstacles between each child and their education.
So, we do something unique: 
We teach mothers to become neighbourhood teachers.
A mother can always reach her child, even when conventional schools can’t.
And together, mothers can transform the world these children are growing up in. 
Each mother teaches 5 children who otherwise have no access to education. 
Today, 650 Amarok mothers are teaching 3,250 destitute children…
…who in turn teach siblings, friends, parents and even grandparents!
More than ABCs
These mothers quickly become community leaders in things that matter to them. Together:
  • They’ve ended child marriage in each of their neighbourhoods
  • They’ve created food banks and soup kitchens
  • They’ve demanded action from city counsellors
  • They’ve curbed domestic abuse and violence against children
A private sponsor will match donations made by Dec 31st 2022 to a total of $30,000 to any donation made out to Amarok Society from the Dryden Rotary Friends.
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Donations can be made to Amarok Society through e-transfer or by mail:
Mail:    Amarok Society
              300 – 10328 81st Avenue NW
              Edmonton, AB
              T6E 1X2
In your donation to Amarok Society,
please specify Dryden Rotary to trigger matching dollars.
Individuals in Canada receive a tax receipt for donations greater than $25.00
James Kroeker, Rotary Club of Dryden
Email: kroekerjames@hotmail.com