The Rotary Club of Kenora has identified the Los Tarayes School construction project as the next Ripple Effect Program School. The RC of Kenora is the lead Club for the Los Tarayes project and is looking for other Rotary Clubs to be funding partners.

The RC of Huehuetenango's project proposal is Los Tarayes school. The town of Los Tarayes is located in the Municipality of Democracia, in the province of Huehuetenango, near the Mexican border along the Pan American highway. It is 67 kilometers northwest of the city of Huehuetenango.
The kindergarten and grade 1 classes currently have classes in two wooden shacks with dirt floors, wooden plank walls and metal roof. The photo with the two tanks on the roof is the washroom and kitchen. This building needs to be demolished and the new washrooms would be built in that location. The existing washroom has one toilet for 130 students and is in deplorable condition. The sewage and waste water leaches into the school yard. The kitchen has an open fire that fills the room with smoke.
As the drawing shows plans are for both boys and girls washrooms and two classrooms.
The total cost of building, the washrooms, septic system, and 2 classrooms is estimated at $55,000. At this time, the REP has available for the construction a total of $36,000, which includes a $1,500 District Grant obtained for the project by the RC of Kenora. The Los Tarayes School project is currently under funded by $17,500. The RC of Dryden has also reallocated their 2012-13 Ripple Effect contribution of $1,500.00 to the Los Tarayes School project.
The President of the Parent committee delivered a heartfelt speech on the desperate need for two new classrooms, kitchen, and washrooms. The Community is willing to provide the unskilled labour for the project and the RC of Huehuetenango is providing $800 US as well as all the Project Management.