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Polio Plus Partners is our way of supporting Rotarians conducting vital immunization projects in endemic or high-risk countries by providing them the tools the need to make those projects succeed.

The Rotary Foundation will match cash contributions to PolioPlus Partners at a level of US$0.50 for each $1 contributed. All contributions to PolioPlus and PolioPlus Partners are eligible for Paul Harris Fellow Recognition.

PolioPlus Partners helps purchase and distribute:

q       Battery-operated megaphones and colored balloons to attract families to immunization sites

q       Vaccine carriers, vial monitors, and cold boxes for vaccine maintenance and delivery

q       Bicycles, boats, four-wheel-drive vehicles, and any method of transportation that ensures that every child will be reached for immunization or surveillance activities

q       Specimen containers to ensure the integrity of stool samples from children who are suspected to have polio

The PolioPlus Partners Open Projects list, updated monthly, is the primary source of information for PolioPlus Partners projects. Once a project has been funded, or the funding deadline has been reached, the project is removed from the list.