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A polio-free world is within our grasp. Join Rotary's effort to end this crippling disease. Learn more about Rotary's ongoing effort to eradicate polio and how you can help through contributions to Polio Plus.


What your gift can do

  • A contribution of US$135 will buy a bicycle to distribute vaccine to villages
  •   A contribution of $250 will buy T-shirts to make health workers highly visible during a National Immunization Day
  •   A contribution of $200 will buy 10,000 pamphlets to inform the public about an upcoming immunization campaign
  •   A contribution of $1,000 will buy 700 vaccine carriers to ensure the oral polio vaccine is maintained at the correct temperature


All contributions to PolioPlus are eligible for Paul Harris Fellow Recognition.


Complete TRF Global Contribution Form with the Polio Plus box checked and mail to: 


The Rotary Foundation(Canada)
c/o 911600
P.O.Box 4090 STN A
Toronto, ON M5W 0E9
phone 1 866 976 4101 or


Donate by credit card online. Donations are in Canadian Dollars . Click on the link to TRF Canada on the left of this page.